Our architectual-grade lattice and realty/survey stakes are available for purchase. Contract work is also available for one-time and ongoing projects and determined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Ginger Druhan at 251-459-6358 for a consultation regarding your project.

Lattice Products

Garden Lattice (2.5" diagonal opening)

 2'X8'    $12.50  
 4'X8'   $24.50     


Privacy Lattice (1.75" diagonal opening)
 2'X8'    $14.50  
 4'X6'    $24.50  
 4'X8'    $29.00   

Historic Square Lattice (1.5" square opening)
 2'X8'    $15.50  
 4'X8'    $31.00    

Large Square Historic (4.5" square opening)  4' X 8'   $27.50    

Please call (251) 459-6356 to order lattice products. Custom lattice: call for quote.  Also available: lath, U channel, H channel.  

Survey stakes 

Upon request, please call (251) 459-6356.

Bulk Mail 

Call Ginger Druhan at 251-459-6358 for prices at our Downtown Facility